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Police Units

Uniform Patrol Services
This unit is composed of three platoons with their own respective Platoon Supervisor. The Uniform Patrol Officers respond to the needs of our Town in various ways, such as community policing, crime prevention, assisting and educating the public to the services that are made available to them by Miami-Dade County. Officers are assigned to a geographic area of the city. The officer is responsible for all calls for service in their area for their eight-hour tour of duty. The officer is committed to a community approach to policing our neighborhoods. This requires the officer to become immersed in the neighborhoods they serve and become a resource for residents as well as other law enforcement. This unit is also comprised of two Public Service Aides—a non-sworn, unarmed civilian, with no arrest or enforcement powers, except for the issuance of traffic citations. The primary duty of the Public Service Aide is to conduct traffic accident investigations, traffic details, parking enforcement, and assisting the Uniform Patrol Officer with any non-hazardous situations.

Neighborhood Resources Unit
This unit is composed of one Neighborhood Resources Supervisor and three sub-units: Community Services, Motorcycle Patrol Unit, and Bicycle Patrol Unit.

  • The Community Services Officer is responsible for the coordination of community policing-related activities. The Community Service Officer ensures that the interest, goals, ideas, and input of the community are regularly communicated to Department staff, elected officials, community groups, and other related entities. The position of Community Service Officer reinforces the community policing philosophy and is consistent with the implementation of this strategy by the Miami-Dade Police Department. This officer coordinates school presentations assists in Town events and addresses quality of life issues. The Community Service Officer is available to conduct security surveys at the public’s request. The Community Service Officer also assists the Neighborhood Resources Supervisor with various administrative needs.
  • The Motorcycle Patrol Unit carries out several tasks such as enforcing all Florida State traffic laws, performing escort services, and school traffic details. The officers address traffic issues in the Town and facilitate the safe and expeditious flow of traffic. In order to reduce the number of traffic crashes and injuries to motorists and pedestrians, the Motorcycle Patrol Officer accomplishes this goal by traffic enforcement and driver/pedestrian education through such events as the Bike Rodeo and High School Career Day. The Motorcycle Patrol Officer reports directly to the Neighborhood Resources Supervisor and works closely with the Bicycle Unit and Community Service Officer.
  • The Bicycle Patrol Unit places an emphasis on high visibility patrol while assisting the Uniform Patrol Officers with calls for service. The accessibility and maneuverability of the bicycle allow the officers to patrol areas that a police vehicle does not have access to. It also allows the officer to maintain a close rapport with the public. The Bicycle Patrol Officers are assigned to school traffic details and assist the Community Services Officer with school presentations and Town events. When schools are not in session the Bicycle Patrol Officers receive instruction from the Neighborhood Resources Supervisor on pending quality of life issues as well as enhanced enforcement issues.

General Investigations Unit
This unit is comprised of a General Investigations Supervisor and two sub-units: the Street Crimes Unit and the General Investigations Unit.

  • The Street Crimes Unit functions as a proactive branching of the Uniform Patrol Services. They actively patrol the Town in order to help prevent any problems before they might occur.
  • The General Investigations Unit is composed of detectives who continue investigations after crimes have been committed against people or property, and once the Patrol Officer has conducted the initial investigation. Detectives collect evidence, witness statements, and collaborate with other resources within and outside of the Department, as well as maintaining strong communication between themselves, attempting to bring cases to a successful conclusion. The result of this communication is the efficient apprehension and prosecution of criminals and the recovery of stolen property.

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