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Quality of Life

Miami Lakes is known as one of the most beautiful residential areas in South Florida for its tree lined streets, large estate lots, and extremely low crime rate.

We provide our residents with friendly and helpful service through our departments, including the Office of the Town Manager, Office of the Town Clerk, Budget & Administration, Building Department, Community Development Department, Community & Leisure Services Department, Public Works Department and the Police Department.

The Town of Miami Lakes Community & Leisure Services Department is responsible for overseeing one of the most unique parks systems in Miami-Dade County consisting of 101 total park locations in a 6.5 square mile area. With a park in walking distance of almost every neighborhood in the Town, there is always something to see and do in a park or a recreation facility each and every day. You will find a program, an activity, special event, or a special place that brings you back again and again. We are just around the corner, we have something for everyone, and the benefits are endless.

Over the last 50 years, Miami Lakes has progressed from a dream on paper to a reality. This vibrant community is nationally recognized as one of the best examples of unique and innovative town planning with lakes and canals making up about 11%.

For residents, all of this means that one can enjoy a quality of life that is second to none - natural scenic beauty, a vibrant cultural environment, and lively nightlife.

For businesses, Miami Lakes offers an ideal environment for success - a central location with immediate freeway and airway access with a hometown feel.

Our number one goal is to continue with the enhancement of Miami Lakes' quality of life and unique community feel through visionary land use planning, efficient provision of public facilities and services, protection of neighborhoods, and conservation of those built and natural assets which define the town.

The Town of Miami Lakes is dedicated to Maintaining a Positive Town Identity & Sense of Community

  • Make Miami Lakes a highly desirable Town in which to live, work and play
  • Make Miami Lakes a “full service” community
  • Focus on strategic economic development
  • Commit to achieve uniform levels of service, beautification, and overall ambiance throughout the entire Town
  • Maintain a “Small Town” environment
  • Provide a meaningful and important array of community activities


Check out our Recreation Brochure to learn about all the great things to do in Miami Lakes!

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