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Awards & Recognitions

All-America City Finalist 2013 and 2010 - read more
In 2013, the Town of Miami Lakes was named an All-America City finalist. The National Civic League recognizes ten communities each year for outstanding civic accomplishments. To win, each community must demonstrate innovation, inclusiveness, civic engagement, and cross sector collaboration by describing successful efforts to address pressing local challenges.

All-America Cities have shown the ability to innovate in such areas as job creation, neighborhood revitalization, crime reduction, new housing for low income people, improving education, and engaging youth.

Tree City USA Designation - 10th Consecutive Year - read more

The Tree City USA Award is provided by The Arbor Day Foundation, in cooperation with the National Association of State Foresters and the USDA Forest Service, to recognize environmental improvement and encourage higher levels of tree care throughout America. This award is designed not only to recognize achievement, but also to communicate new ideas and help the leaders of all Tree City USAs plan for improving community tree care.

Being a Tree City USA helps present the kind of image that most citizens want to have for the place they live or conduct business.

Growth Award 8th Consecutive Year - read more
The Tree City USA Growth Award is given to communities that go beyond the four standards of Tree City USA that demonstrate improvement and growth of local tree care.

Playful City USA Designation - 9th Consecutive Year - read more
Playful City USA is a national recognition program honoring cities and towns that make play a priority and use innovative programs to get children active, playing, and healthy. Playful City USA communities make a commitment to play and physical activity by developing unique local action plans to increase the access to play in their community. In doing so, some of the most innovative concepts and cost-effective programs are being developed in Playful City USA communities.

100 Best Communities for Young People - read more
In 2012 Miami Lakes was honored for its efforts to provide a healthy and safe environment for youth that includes educational support programs. Miami Lakes is dedicated to providing educational and leadership opportunities. The Educational Advisory Board provides scholarships, SAT prep courses, internships and education programs to youth in the community. In addition, the Youth Internship Program provides opportunities for students to gain exposure to different careers and learn about local government by interning in the offices of the town council, mayor and town staff. Youth are able to present their views at town council meetings and serve on the Peer Review Court, which is an alternative sentencing program that helps young, nonviolent offenders avoid jail time. 


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