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On behalf of the Town Council, it is my pleasure to welcome you and your business to the Town of Miami Lakes.

Miami Lakes is highly desirable for its careful planning and well-managed growth, largely characterized by the natural beauty, retention of its country-like ambience, and its attractive accessibility to major roads, ports and airports. Known as one of the most beautiful residential areas in South Florida with a quality of life exceptional to none, the Town of Miami Lakes is dedicated to maintaining a positive town identity and sense of community.

The Town has taken a more deliberate approach to economic development and recently adopted a new Town Logo and Tagline, “Growing Beautifully”. The branding of the Town’s image will allow for the development of a well-rounded marketing and economic development strategy. In an effort to assist and promote the continued viability and occupancy of the Town’s commercial and industrial areas, the Town’s Community & Economic Development Departments staff coordinate regularly with local realtors, business owners, developers and property owners to assist in the streamlining of regulatory processes to remove barriers or impediments to quality development or redevelopment in accordance with the Town’s requirements. These types of activities are essential to encourage and assist new business owners and perspective developers.

The Town of Miami Lakes is in excellent financial condition, and maintains one of the lowest tax and flood insurance rates in Miami-Dade County. Also one of the safest communities in South Florida, Miami Lakes has more parks per 1,000 residents that any other municipality in the State.

Miami Lakes is home to a thriving business community, high quality office developments, and beautiful residential areas: these characteristics help make Miami Lakes truly a special community.

As Mayor, I welcome you to our town and invite you to discover the many great things Miami Lakes has to offer.

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