Town of Miami Lakes Social Icons
  • Riding Bicycles in Miami Lakes
  • 1st Place Winner
  • 2nd Place Winner
  • 3rd Place Winner
  • Honorable Mention 1
  • Honorable Mention 2
Powers and Duties

The Town Charter grants the following powers and duties to the Mayor:

  • Shall preside at meetings of the Council and be a voting member of the Council.
  • Shall recommend the appointment of a Town Manager to the Council.
  • Shall present the State of the Town and budgetary addresses annually
  • May create and appoint subject to Council approval, committees of the Council which may include non-Councilmembers. The members of each committee shall select a chair.
  • Shall be recognized as head of the Town government for all ceremonial purposes, for the purposes of military law, and for service of process.
  • Shall be the official designated to represent the Town in all dealings with other governmental entities.
  • Execute contracts, deeds and other documents on behalf of the Town as authorized by the Council.

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