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  • Grants Department

Grants works in partnership with Departments and Offices to research, compose, edit, and submit Federal, State, Local, and Foundation funding opportunities to support the goals and objectives of the 2025 Strategic Plan.

Additional functions include:

  • Serve as Town liaison to grant funding organizations to ensure effective communication throughout the grant process.
  • Assist Departments and Offices to execute grant contracts and agreements.
  • Provide technical and grant administration support to Departments and Offices.
  • Ensure Project Managers maintain fiscal and performance oversight of grant-funded programs, projects, and services.
  • Provide grant-related informational support to the Finance Department to establish and manage fiscal accounts.
  • Provide grant-related informational support to Procurement for competitive bids and continuing services contracts.
  • Compose and submit applicable progress, expenditure, desk monitoring, and close-out grant reporting requirements.
  • Assist the Town Manager’s Office with completing legislative appropriation requests to acquire discretionary funding for capital projects.

  Please see below list of awards:


For more information about Miami Lakes grant activity, please contact:

Renée N. Wilson, MPA
Grants and Governmental Affairs Manager
(305) 364-6100 x1225

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