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Election Information

2016 General Election

The Town of Miami Lakes will hold a Runoff Election on Tuesday, November 29th for the Mayoral seat between Mayor Michael Pizzi and Councilman Manny Cid. Vote at the precinct listed on your voter's registration card between the hours of 7am-7pm. 

For your convenience, Early Voting was held onSaturday, November 19th and Sunday, November 20th from 7am-7pm at the Mary Collins Community Center, 15151 NW 82nd Avenue.

**NEW** The November 29th  Miami Lakes Run-Off Election Results will first be posted on election night at the Miami Dade Elections Department homepage, and the results will be posted sometime after 7 pm.   


Vote-By-Mail Information

Remember that by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016, is the last day to request a Vote-by-Mail Ballot for the run-off election. Be sure to have your request for a Vote-by-Mail Ballot no later than the deadline date. To request your Vote-by-Mail Ballot or to check the status of your Vote-by-Mail Ballot, Click Here. For more information, please call  (305) 499-8444. Please be reminded that Vote-by-Mail Ballot must be received by the Miami Dade Elections Department on November 29th at 7:00 pm. 

For additional information on voting in this election, please visit the  Miami-Dade County Elections Department.



2016 General Election

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Blank Forms for Candidates

  DS-DE 84
(Statement of Candidate)
pdf PDF (16 KB)
  DS-DE 9
(Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for Candidates)
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(Electronic Filing Requirement)
pdf PDF (157 KB)
(Paid Campaign Workers Participating in Absentee Ballot Activities Summary)
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2016 Elections

2016 Special Elections

2014 Elections

2013 Special Elections

pdf Special Election 2013 Results Summary (23 KB)

pdf Special Election 2013 Results by Precinct (117 KB)

2013 Election Candidates/Campaign Reports

  David Bennett pdf PDF (7.04 MB)
  Luis Espinosa pdf PDF (13.46 MB)
  Nelson Hernandez pdf PDF (20.86 MB)
  Edwin Romero pdf PDF (7.44 MB)
  Wayne Slaton pdf PDF (7.84 MB)
  Councilmember - Seat 4  
  Lorenzo Cobiella pdf PDF (8.29 MB)
  Frank Mingo pdf PDF (9.48 MB)
  Star Rodriguez pdf PDF (11.68 MB)


 Political Action Committees

  Citizens for Ethical and Effective Leadership pdf PDF (2.71 MB)
  Tell the Public the Facts Inc. pdf PDF (3.38 MB)

2012 Elections

pdf Miami Lakes 2012 Official Election Results (262 KB)

pdf 2012 Election Qualifying Book (6.63 MB)

pdf Council Member District Map (499 KB)

2012 Election Candidates/Campaign Reports

  Michael Pizzi pdf PDF (10.23 MB)
  Wayne Slaton pdf PDF (3.29 MB)
  Residential Councilmember - Seat 1  
  David Bennett pdf PDF (3.52 MB)
  Nelson Rodriguez pdf PDF (3.89 MB)
  Residential Councilmember - Seat 3  
  Richard Pulido pdf PDF (5.26 MB)
  Tony Lama pdf PDF (8.28 MB)
  At Large Councilmember - Seat 5  
  Manny Cid pdf PDF (4.40 MB)
  Mary Collins pdf PDF (2.89 MB)