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Candidate Qualifying Handbook

1.0 State Laws and Handbooks

2.0 Town Laws

3.0 Qualifying Forms (Registration Closing - Oct. 9*) Candidate Qualifying Dates: July 30, 2018 – August 8, 2018

4.0 Campaign Finance Reporting

4.1 Reporting Dates and Information
4.2 pdf Electronic Filing "How to File Financial Reports Online"
4.3 Guidelines to a Successful Campaign Report
4.4 Absentee Ballot Campaign Report
In accordance with Section 12-14.1 of the Code of Miami Dade County, Florida, candidates must now file this report to disclose the names of the paid campaign workers engaged in absentee ballot activities with the Town Clerk.

5.0 Additional Information

5.1 Precincts
5.2 Candidate Forum:
The Town of Miami Lakes will be hosting a Candidate Forum in October 2016 at Town Hall, 6601 Main Street, Council Chambers.  All Candidates are welcome to participate and should confirm their attendance with the Town Clerk. The forum will be moderated by Katy Sorenson from the Good Government Initiative. This event will be streamed live on the Town’s website and available for viewing thereafter.
5.3 Poll Watcher Information
5.4 Wearing of Campaign Items While Voting
5.5 Voter Solicitation/Electioneering
5.6 Newly Elected Officials Ethics Training