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Lake Martha Drainage and Roadway Improvements

Description: The Lake Martha Sub-Basin is generally located west of Ludlam Road and north of Miami Lakeway South, in the southeastern residential section of the Town. As part of its Stormwater Master Plan, the Town of Miami Lakes is undertaking a series of projects to protect surface water quality and reduce flooding within the Town. The primary focus of this project includes restoration and resurfacing the existing roadway surfaces, pavement markings and signage. This project also proposes stormwater improvements in the Lake Martha Sub-Basin including addition if catch basins, French drains and manholes to provde water quality and quantity treatment.

Projected Completion Date: Spring 2016.

Recent Activity: Capital Phase I of the project started August 2015. The project is currently in Phase III and Phase IV of construction, which includes Holly Road, Laurel Lane and Jacaranda Lane.