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Town Council

The Council Legislative duties include:

  • Adopt or amend any administrative regulation or establish, alter or abolish any Town office, department, board or agency.
  • Establish a rule or regulation; the violation of which carries a penalty.
  • Levy taxes or appropriate funds.
  • Grant, renew or extend a franchise.
  • Set service or user charges for municipal services or grant administrative authority to set such charges.
  • Authorize the borrowing of money.
  • Convey or lease or authorize by administrative action the conveyance or lease of any lands of the Town.
  • Mend or repeal any ordinance previously adopted.
  • Adopt an Annual Budget.


Cid Headshot Manny Cid
 Vice Mayor Lama

Tony Lama
Vice Mayor
Seat 3


Collazo Headshot Luis Collazo
Seat 5

Tim Daubert

Seat 2

Mestre Headshot Ceasar Mestre
Seat 6
Mingo Headshot Frank Mingo
Seat 4
 nelson headshot Nelson Rodriguez
Seat 1